Explore the Genesis Vision G

Indulge in the Innovative Genesis Vision G Coupe

Car manufacturers are always stepping up their game, and Genesis is no exception. When it arrives on the scene, the Genesis Vision G Coupe will surely be a coveted vehicle in Pensacola and Mobile. At Allen Turner Genesis, Vision G concept coupes are a hot topic. Read on to learn more about what this revolutionary model will likely offer once it takes the marketplace by storm.

Genesis Vision G: Price

What’s the Genesis Vision G coupe price? This model debuted in 2015 but is still a concept coupe. As of this writing, there has been no price released, as it’s not yet available for purchase. Of course, this also means there are currently no Genesis Vision reviews to reference for information about how it handles, performs, etc., but auto gurus and experts, such as Car and Driver, are abuzz about this Genesis brand coupe and what it could mean for the lineup in the future.

Genesis Vision G: Design

The biggest highlight of Vision G is the way it looks. This new model was designed to look like it’s always moving. In fact, Christopher Chapman, head of Hyundai Motor Design Center in the U.S. said, “In keeping with a design that speaks to the owner rather than ‘the spectators’ who might see the car on the road, Vision G appears dynamic and in constant motion.”

The fluidic sculpture and bold lines give off a chivalrous and athletic appearance that will certainly make heads turn. This new model includes five doors, and although it doesn’t look like it, it’s also extremely spacious on the inside. At the front, you’ll find the oversized block-like headlamps that are synonymous with Hyundai design. The shield-shaped grille will also grab attention on the road, no matter where you may be heading.

On the inside, the ceiling includes white lights to provide an illuminated view when you need it most. The wood-backed headrests also provide an attractive look that you won’t find in many other sedans. Finally, the copper trim truly makes this vehicle stand out as elegant. If you have been waiting for your dream car to arrive, you won’t have to wait too much longer.

Genesis Vision G: Performance

In terms of performance, the Vision G is sure to impress you when you get behind the wheel. This model comes with a 5.0L Tau V8 engine that generates 420 hp and 383 lb-ft of torque. The Tau engine uses high-pressure direct injection to create a solid combination of high power and low emissions. The Tau engine found on this upcoming model has received upgrades from its predecessor and includes optimized intake runner, enhanced timing chain, low-torque exhaust, increased compression ratio, and upgraded multiple injection mapping.

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